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Destination Management Systems and the LA_DMS Project

Posted by Dimitris Kanellopoulos on December 1, 2008

Destination Management Systems (DMS) is a perfect application area for semantic Web and peer to peer (P2P) technologies since tourism information dissemination and exchange are the key-backbones of tourism destination management.

DMS should take advantage of P2P technologies and semantic web services, interoperability, ontologies and semantic annotation. RDF-based P2P networks allow complex and extendable descriptions of resources instead of fixed and limited ones, and they providequery facilities against these metadata instead of simple keyword-based searches. The layered adaptive semantic-based DMS (LA_DMS) project aims at providing semantic-based tourism destination information by combining the P2P paradigm with semantic Web technologies.  The LA_DMS model is adaptive to the user’s personalization requirements (e.g. information concerning transportation, restaurants, accommodation, etc.) and it is a collection of opinions supported by different sources of tourism destination information. In the LA_DMS framework, the semantic models of different peers (DMOs) are being aligned dynamically.The LA_DMS model encodes semantic tourism destination information in an RDF-based P2P network architecture. The model combines ontological structures with information for tourism destinations and peers.



See…  Exploiting tourism destinations’ knowledge in an RDF-based P2P network
Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Volume 31, Issue 2, April 2008, Pages 179-200
Dimitris N. Kanellopoulos, Alkiviadis A. Panagopoulos


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